What is the benefit of a life coaching?

Where the social risks are growing a life coaching is for me the moment of re-laxation and re-lease. This moment reminds one of a sentence by the famous philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard: ‘The shortest definition of life coaching: Interruption!’

According to research by the World Health Organization (WHO), mental illness is growing worldwide. About one third of the population is at least once in their life disrupted by mental illness, which is also the foundation for bodily illness. According to another study, which was published in ‘Deutsches Aerzteblatt’, about 31 % of patients with physical problems are more helped by an integrated life coaching than with injections and operations. Often the victims still have problems to talk about their ‘secret life’ with somebody else.

This imprisonment of living emotions is in need to be broken in order to create space for new living concepts. A good coaching should always be a meaningful offer to oppose the social risks and to open the closed door to a new understanding of the being.

The TV presenter Nina Ruge has expressed it in this way: ‚I have a female coach for years. I go to her when I have problems which I cannot solve myself!’

High performance cannot be planned. But we can create the conditions which make performance possible. The emergence of a blossom cannot be planned but we can create the necessary conditions which makes the emergence possible in the first place.

Create the conditions for your own flourishing!