Burn-out -
Missing the target!

The causes are diverse: High performance at work; bad working conditions; time pressure; unhealthy work climate; growing responsibility; bad communication; loss of support from colleagues; growing complexity; problems of hierarchy; restructuring of organization; and growing fear to lose the job.

And the effects of these conditions are no less diverse: resignation; aggression; mistrust; lost appetite; sexual problems, growing risk of infection; problems in marriage; and not least risk of suicide. Experts reckon that psychical illness will be the second highest cause for the inability to work.

Is all this possible to be the cause of growing pressure at work, the fight for jobs, the loss of solidarity and a fear of failure? Are babies, teenagers, students, mothers, housewives and many more to be excluded from the possibility of a burn-out? Indeed not.

The foundation of the problem is not the daily work, but with what meaning in life we do what we think we have to do. From a systematic point of view the psychological and physiological symptoms are an expression of missing the target, the meaning of life and the surrounding. This missing to find the right place in society, family, school and sport is self-caused and will lead sooner or later to the mentioned symptoms.

Famous people of sport, like Sven Hannawald or Sebastian Deisler (FC Bayern Muenchen) are good evidence for this fact. Everyone who feels himself tight up in life, unhappy with their own doing and still cannot do anything against it, is robbing himself of their own individual meaning of life.
Who is more concentrated on form, like financial status, promotion, best mother, most successful sports person, and not on substance is quick to fall back into meaningless chaos. But we are not fighting alone about being in the world, but about the meaning of our being in the world. Someone who wants to commit suicide probably will not see any meaning in life, but definitely in death. Otherwise he would not commit suicide. He sees life meaningless and death meaningful.
The opposite of burn-out victims are not depressive people, but people who are active by themselves. For these people is the aim not the meaningless status, but the meaningful substance of their life.

What the sport is highlighting us is without question the same as for our life: Winning the life will be won in the mind. Success in life is the visible effect of a successful interpretation of life. Where the internal well being will only be seen as a side effect there is the consequence not happiness but crisis.
A dynamic systematic coaching can be helpful to find out carefully what the self-determined meaning of life can be.
The training process can target extremely precise and fast the problematic areas which a conventional therapy cannot. The strength of the systematic-energetic dialogue (SED) is to restructure problematic disruptions in order to change immediately and long-lasting the mood of the patient. This is why the SED method can help for diverse areas such as burn-out, fear of existence, depression, financial crisis, learning problems, panic attacks, fear of death and many more.

What you can expect from a ‚personal coaching‘ and the SED method:

•Resolving of behaviour and life patterns
•Increase in the psychological strength
•Solution to personal and work problems
•Activation of natural strength and forgotten possibilities.