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Frustrated in your job or maybe just stressed, talked down by the boss, colleagues or clients, irritated about something which has failed to work out yet again, stuck in traffic on the way back home we finally arrive on our doorstep…only to find out that at home the day doesn’t improve there either.
It is not hard to see that such a day – as it is desribed as an ordinary one by many people – is actually meaningless and there for not very healthy. Every day we hear in the news reports of conflicts, crisis and diseases which are typical for our lifestyle. Despite the enourmous expenses in the public health sector we have not become any healthier. And everywhere articles emerge about those crises, conflicts and illnesses combined with many good suggestions and advice. But then, knowledge about them is not the problem – but to sensibly change something is almost impossible.
However, when you are trying to make meaningful connections many misunderstandings, misapprehensions and heterodoxies come to mind that can happen in self management of life. To uncover those and to identify reasonable solutions is my intention and that of my developed analysis opportunity, SocialProfiling.

My name is Hans-Peter Hepe. For the past 12 years I have met thousands of people of all ages and various views on life. I was fortunate to have had discussions with them, to observe them and especially work with them together on the most diverse issues. Many could still remember what exactly it was that had that shocking impact on their lives – as clearly as like reading from a dissertation - but their conflicts and illnesses where still present after years of therapy.

The underlying truth is that there is no such thing as a meaning in life that can be given to us from outside - we have to approach ourselves to find it. Personal development does not happen by itself, it needs to be praticed actively – otherwise we stagnate in our own opportunities. Therefor everyone needs trusted knowledge about oneself. SocialProfiling provides information about how we have perceived our own life story and – as a result – create our lives successfully or unsuccessfully. SocialProfiling there for imparts knowledge about us, about our partnership, our child, our company, our projects and much more. In future this cannot only be essential for our success but also for our existence!

Every consultant and has many years of experience in consulting roles and has undergone specific traing to become a SocialProfiler. Valuable knowledge from experiences in the most diverse areas of science like sociology, pedagogy, cybernetics, system theory, strucuralism, medicine, psychology, philosphy and many more are joined together by a computer supported analysis tool to form an integral emphatic inference. Being connected together this allows for astonishing differentiated conclusions of characteristics, impression/impact and behaviour of a person which the consultant (Social Profiler) systematically changes over into a profil analysis (SocialProfiling). For the first time SocialProfiling creates the possibility to “see” that is happening in interpersonal dynamics – without undertaking long questionnaires!

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