We live in an age of opportunities for us like they have never before existed –opportunities in our private and professional life. Having those choices also requires taking on responsibility for our own development and personal maturity.

Hans-Peter Hepe, Founder of SocialProfiling, says: It is up to each individual to know when it is time to change something in one’s life. To be able to do that one must have a deep understanding of oneself.”

Successful people don’t work themselves up to the top on their own. It plays a vital role in your life how you have dealt with where you have come from. You are always the product of your environment and your circumstances. No one comes from nothing.

Fixed price for our PersonalProfiling/PeopleProfiling:

Our Offer

Our fixed price includes creation and analysis of the SocialProfiling and a one-hour telephone conversation with your SocialProfiler. The aim is to understand yourself and others better and to find important impulses for change.