Problems that occur while raising and educating children are problems caused by interpersonal relationships, not disorders within the psyche of one child alone. A SocialProfiling for children shows their parents, which characteristics and competences, strengths and weaknesses, fears, and subconscious views on life their child has – to support a powerful relationship for a brighter future together.

Part of rasing your kids is to give them a chance to unfold themselves – and at their own pace. The actual reason behind children’s psychological issues, lack of concentration and other problems during their upbringing are found in how parents raise their kids. And so are the solutions for those issues. Up to this day only few parents understand the meaning of how important this is for our children’s future development.

Fixed price for our ChildProfiling:

Our Offer

Our fixed price includes creation and analysis of the SocialProfiling and a one-hour telephone conversation with your SocialProfiler. The aim is to understand yourself and others better and to find important impulses for change.