Client feedback

Are you interested in the opinions and gain insights into the profiles of our clients who share their experiences with the personality and social analysis done through SocialProfiling? Then read below what they have to say:


It was so enriching that I did not have to look any further. I had a difficult childhood and have tried out everything there was but only with the clarity of the profile analysis and the following phone consulation I could eventually perorate with my childhood and finally open my door to the future


First I thought this is all an expensive joke. But when I read my girlfriend’s analysis I could only agree – in every single point! The statements made a lot of sense. I still have to save up a bit more for my analysis but am already looking forward to it!


Being an engineer I was thinking way too rational and can’t or don’t want to express my feelings openly until they break out from time to time. So far I have only rushed through life but I have started to think about my life and while doing so came across SocialProfiling. It is a great experience that has given me that chance to get to know me so precisely and finally understanding the connections between earliest childhood and now. What I don’t understand is how you can do that just with a photo. But as engineer I don’t have to understand anything and everything.


Very insightful advice. Better than any horoscope or fortune telling.



I was excited at first and nervous as I did not know what to expect. I was more than positively surprised. Any more compliances would have been scary ;) ! Great matching. My profile analysis has already paid off for me.



Thank you very much! My analysis has given me a lot of insights and helped me to set precise goals for the near future.


Great idea – I hope it becomes widely accepted soon!


Not long ago I have found out about and decided to try it out. What I got back was more than 100 percent correct. The simple explanations matched to the point and were surely not written by psychologists. You have convinced me.



The profile analysis of my son was really very good. It was good for me to find out so much though it took me a while to digest all the information. I think I understand him better now and his point of view. It makes it much easier now for me to attune to him. Thank you.



That was a very good analysis of me and a likable consultant who really took time for me.


I found my analysis and the following phone consulatation very motivating and helpfiul. It helps a lot to speak to someone with a lot of experience about one’s goals, especially when those are still very much affected by old associations without the necessary insight.


I have heard about SocialProfiling from a friend of mine. Your website appealed to me and I also liked what was said on it. The analysis exceeded by expectations. Thank you for your efforts.


I can highly recommend my consultant. He took time and showed sincere interest in the matter.


Thank you very much for doing such a great work. I was extremely happy with my analysis and have certainly benefited from it.


I find it very good and am very greatful that there is finally a social analysis (instead of a psycho-analysis). The analysis helped me a lot and I have understood where I should put the priority in my partnership. It is not that easy. That’s why I find it important that we find out soon how you think, what we think to reach what we finally and actually want.


Sensational topic! I am waiting excitedly to receive my analysis and how that actually works.



I am a very discerning person but your analysis about my personality has literally blown me away and gave me food for thought. I could agree in every single point - although my initial reason for doing the analysis was to prove my wife that doing something like that is impossible!