Wie funktioniert SocialProfiling®?

Valuable knowledge from experiences in the most diverse areas of science like sociology, pedagogy, cybernetics, system theory, strucuralism, medicine, psychology, philosphy and many more are joined together by a computer supported analysis tool to form an integral emphatic inference – similar to a theory of social interactions.

Being connected together this allows for astonishing differentiated conclusions of the characteristics and behaviour patterns of a person as well as his or her impact on the social environment. These findings are systematically changed over into a profile analysis (SocialProfiling) by one of our consultants (Social Profiler).

For the first time SocialProfiling creates the possibility to “see” that is happening in interpersonal dynamics - without undertaking long questionnaires. Surprise yourself! You will experience astounding correlations and learn many new facets about yourself. You can apply SocialProfiling in coaching, talent scouting, your partnership, raising your children or assist in choosing your career.