Astrology is considered the belief that stars and celestial bodies and their constellations at certain times can provide valuable information and is used in horoscopes and for general prognoses. Though there are also historic astrological traditions, It is mainly an esoteric belief that relates it to fortune telling. Many people feel attracted to astrology and consider the gathered information in certain situations in life.
Natal astrology, also known as genethliacal astrology, considers the constallation of stars at the exact date, time and location of a person’s birth and determines an individual’s character and personal interests. In fact many of them correlate.
However, the art of an astrologer is not in calculating the horoscopic chart but in its interpretation as you can certainly not see a predetermined destiny in the radix. It is best to discuss with an astrologer in person which of your hidden talents have been used or suppressed so far, which were your focal points in life and what might need to be considered urgently not to lose important aspects of your personality.