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Let our consultants support you in finding your blind spots. Quality management, education and training are of significant value to us. Every consultant has had many years of experience in consulting roles in their professional career and has undergone specific traing to become a SocialProfiler. So you can be sure that every profile analysis that leaves our company has met the highest standards.

Franziska Stenmans

Franziska Stenmans
Akazienhof 25
14612 Falkensee

Telefon: 033222863929
Skype: Sicoo07
e-mail: info@social-body.de
Homepage: www.social-body.de

A short profile
Systemical-sociological trainer for conflict and crisis solving and issues regarding chronic diseases. Trained in the SED©-method and SocialProfiling© by H.-P. Hepe, Germany. Radionics: Instrumental biocommunication with Quantec.