Behavioural science takes the view that those people are the most effective who know themselves - their strengths as well as their weaknesses - which enable them to develop strategies so they can live up to their own standards and those of their surroundings.

SocialProfiling analyses the style of behaviour and highlights areas of behaviour, meaning the certain ways that employees prefer to fulfil tasks, which of their strenghs stand out, how well their social competence is developed, how they deal with criticism and failure and how they react in stressful situations.

Our meaning in life and our environment in life are meant to fit together.

A conscious or subconscious inaccurate fit of our self-awareness and our place in the business world/job leads every one of us sooner or later into a “state of emotional and physical exhaustion, inner alienation and consequent decrease in achievement” as result of overstraining in our workplace – often referred to as “burn-out”

Fixed price for our OccupationalProfiling:

Our Offer

Our fixed price includes creation and analysis of the SocialProfiling and a one-hour telephone conversation with your SocialProfiler. The aim is to understand yourself and others better and to find important impulses for change.